The Toronto Web Company is a full service website design, graphic design, and brand development company, based in Toronto Canada.

Our Mission

To help our clients create meaningful connections with their audience.

Why We Do It

We realized that though we produced great graphic design pieces for our clients, many of them did not use what was created for them to its full potential. We’ve reviewed several cases, and found out that many of the companies and individuals we designed websites or produced graphic design work for, did not have a good grasp on what their brand was. Most of these same clients hadn't even considered developing a branding strategy at all. This resulted in us shifting focus, remodeling our approach. Now, we focus on your brand first. From there, we coach you on what marketing collateral, whether it be print design, website design and development, or a combination of both online and offline pieces will help you achieve your desired goals. We believe that developing a solid brand strategy will help to dictate why, how, and what you do both inside and outside your organization. This creates a more compelling, brand focused marketing message.
That's why we do it.

How We Do It

At The Toronto Web Company, we value collaborating with each client to create actionable strategies that will help them accomplish their goals. To stay ahead of the game, we follow a simple 5 step method. Each client has their own unique requirements, so we are careful to make note of them, and deliver accordingly. As a result we are able to provide them with effective marketing collateral that their audience will engage, whether it be a website, brochures or business cards, social media pages, or otherwise.


Web Design/Development


Need a website or want to redesign your old one? We can help you create an attractive and effective new website that you can be proud of.
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Brand Development


Ever considered your brand strategy? Our branding service can help you craft a unique message to help you stand out from the rest.
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Graphic Design & Print


The graphic designers at The Toronto Web Company are top notch. We can design for and print both small and large format items.
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