Be Brand Focused for the New Year



Earlier on this year (2013) we made the decision to focus more of our efforts towards helping our clients build and develop there brands. We realized that though we provided them with great design pieces, there was a disconnect resulting in the marketing piece not being as effective as it could have been. That’s why we’ve added the brand first approach to our business model. This approach allows us to educate you about branding, help you clearly define your brand, craft a simple to understand message, and develop s strategy that will propagate that message.

Branding is a word that is often loosely used with little understanding of what’s fully involved. Some think branding is simply displaying your logo in as many places as possible, while others confine branding to a set of colours. Though these are indeed part of the total brand package, alone, they are not the brand.

We’ve noticed a considerable increase in our clients’ customer engagement once their brand message was clear. Our goal is to get each of our client to be as brand focused as possible so that you can reach more people with a simple message.

For the new year we will continue to push our brand first initiative, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Make branding part of your overall business strategy. Give us a shout and ask about our branding development services, and let’s get rocking.

Have a happy holiday season!