Boost Your Reputation – Get Business Cards (includes promo-code)


If you are a professional of any kind, a business card is a must. Not a sort’a kind’a…no its a MUST.

This little 3.5 inches by 2 inches, card stock piece of paper can do more for you that you probably give it credit for. Whether you be a corporate exec, or a college student, a business card goes miles when it comes to reputation and your brand. Business card to most says‘you mean business’.

Have you ever been at an event, met some great people, and at the end of it all you ask for their business card and they either don’t have one, or, they ran out? What kind of impression did that leave on you? If you ought to be honest, most of you would say, an unprofessional one…even if felt slightly.

Truth is, there’s something magical about a physical transaction versus a digital one we’ve all become accustomed to.


A good business card can easily boosts credibility, is a good branding look, shows you mean business, and is an in your face marketing piece that will keep you in people’s memory.

At ProtoImage, not only do we design and print quality business cards, but by you taking advantage of our brand first approach will allow us to craft you a business card that emphasizes your brand message.

For the Holidays (December 2013), we’ve decided to offer 30% off all business card production, for both printing and design.

Send us a request using promo-code HOLIDAYS-30OFF, and we’ll get you started right away.

Note: please remember that we will be closed from December 23, 2013 – January 2, 2014.